Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I been gone way to fucking long

so clockwork told me i had to fucking update my blog so im going to start doing it regularly

a lot has went on since my last update
so much new fuckin music out.
these are my hot albums to come out so far

The Dream- love vs money
Dj Drama- Gangsta grillz 2
Slim Thug- Boss of all bosses
Rick Ross- Deeper than Rap
Black Eye Peas- END
Busta Rhymes- Back on my bs

but yeah anyway a lot has went on lately 
the jugganots been grinding a lot... everyone has weekly gigs... clockwork and i are alternating fridays at rhinos which is going real well... rhinos is a 25 and up spot which is nice
also been doing a little bit of tickets and woodys and of course beluga... so im real excited

Been grinding on my music shit also... trying to get more old school and mid 90s shit... trying to just have more of a diverse playlist... 

other then that im good... got a lot of shows coming up soon so ill keep u guys updated and i promise to be more on my blog

btw did anyone see the turntable hero? WACK AS HELL

anyway come check me out this week at rhinos on friday if ur 25 and up

also check out jay-z death of autotune... one of the tightest songs out

cant wait til blueprint 3


Monday, March 23, 2009


so i been gone for way to fuckin long my bad i just been grindin trying to get things together.
anyway i was in cleveland last night with the rest of the crew at a dope ass spot called the view
it was tight i had fun.... some dude got his ass BEAT it was funny as hell....lebron james was in the house also...

but anyway on some other shit

i been listening to a lot of music lately (lol) and me and clockwork came across mass old songs that use to be tight.... not tight but we thought it was dope when it came out lol

chingy-one call away(lmao dude from smart guy was killing it)
too short
old snoop dogg
dr dre
ice cube
jeezy first album
slim thugg
keith sweat

im telling u guys sirius satellite radio is tight because we heard all that shit on our 4 hour drive to cleveland... its cool to not hear the same shit over and over

one thing...
im real fucking sick of PLIES... if this dude claims to be a goon please make a song that doesnt have to do with eating a womans pussy.... just saying

anyway i promise to update more im just mad tired right now... didnt get home til 7am

"your brother is smarrrrttt"


big c


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Many Choices

Ok so my bad for not updating this more often but i promise i will do it more...

anyway a lot has went on since my last blog.. i got into a bar fight the other night at holy grail...me and 2 of my homies destroyed the bouncers... lets just say if u put yo hands on my fresh roca wear jacket we bangin.... but for real im not one of them niggas to get to physical... usually i dont have to... i say a few words and anything going on is squashed but when bouncers try to be ufc fighters we banging... im knockin yo ass out end of discussion.... anyway

valentines day just passed last week... i fuckin hate the day and i always have... it has nothing to do with skins or a girlfriend i just think its a lame ass excuse to make guys go buy shit they really dont wanna do... i was at the mall on the big day and lemme tell u i saw so many dudes doing the last minute thing... lemme tell u im last minute as fuck when it comes to that day....

i also got a lot of exciting things coming up... im doing a sullys midwest tour soon which will be dope... i just signed a contract to do launches for a popular place all over the midwest... they are launching a ladies night in 4 cities and im going the be the dj for all of them... indianapolis... columbus...detroit and charlotte... so im excited

i got a fresh new watch also... its a fossil watch that 3 times the size of any normal watch... lets jut say it raw as fuck.... o and i love roca wears new line... me and macy's have become best friends lately and im shittin on niggas with the gear.... come see me

on the dj tip we still doing our thang... not very much new music out... just some underground shit... although ryan leslie dropped a new cd... its dope check it out

but on a side not wtf was chris brown thinking u fucking idiot... first off dont fucking hit or BITE a woman and why the fuck would u hit rhianna she is gorgeous... i would of instantly took my anger out in the bed room by beatin the pussy up not her face... lol i know that was uncalled for....

anyway ill try to update more... i just be hella busy... i love nku girls fyi...so many skinzzzz... i also hate skanks... im tired of seeing girls out with a different dude every weekend but then they hit u up like "hey wanna hang out" and im like "hey wanna keep ur legs closed"

lol im way too much

big c

Monday, February 9, 2009

smell like money

so a lot of shit has happened since my last update.... anyway im grinding like a mutha... djing u know the usual but i got a lot of shit on my mind right now


first off i dont give 2 fucks about half the dj's in the city let alone the world... dont get me wrong i give them respect when its due... but i dont give a hard fuck... but as far as the dj's in this city i only fuck with a couple... and my homies know who they are

i dont claim to be the best dj ever but i can hold a night down... and im sure as hell gettin this money.... im not undercutting anyone because i have earned every gig i have ever picked up and every booking is done through me so i take all the fucking credit and i like it that way...

ok so beef

this past weekend my dj partner CLOCKWORK got called out... or whatever u wanna call it... i mean it was subliminal but if u look at my blog before this one.... i dont fucking take subliminal shots i go RIGHT THE FUCK IN

anyway... so rick potter aka panda alive called out my boy clockworks skills... lemme remind u that the original blogs posted did not say any names but he was clearly referring to clockwork... hilarious right? i dont even know who rick potter is and let alone have i ever seen him dj.... some bar called twist? vie vite? i hope i spelled that shit right... i mean it must be nice to spin at places that are not that popular... im gonna keep it real... im sure panda alive is good at what he does... but the thing is he is in a totally different genre... he openly admitted that he does not spin mainstream music.... clearly he forgot that he lives in CINCINNATI because we are as mainstream as it gets... that bars that make the most money and have the most people... typically want to hear the bullshit they hear on kiss 107.....

now im not trying to talk anyone into becoming a radio dj im just saying u have to playt to u crowd right? and thats the position this city is in....this is what our city likes... and if u have to change it from within.... u cant start at places like twist and vie vite

venting about the situation doesnt help... i mean..... u can complain about the city and the music but u live here by choice and u choose to dj here... if ur that good go to new york or even fuckin des moines iowa if u think u can do what u want.... i admit i play mainstream but i also play underground stuff too... and i have never been told my set was horrible nor have i been removed from a place by another dj.... u guys are right a 50 dollar dj is a 50 dollar dj... but if whatever club ur spinning at accepts the 50 dollar dj then that says a lot about the place u were spinning at in the first place...

anyway im done with this shit but if ur gonna call someone out say fucking names... dont be a puss cake and take subliminal shots... i can give 2 fucks about what people say... ill call a fuck out in 2 seconds... and if u disrespect the way im making my money u disrespecting me and thats why i suplex yo dumb ass when i see u out....

big c


Sunday, January 25, 2009


First off lemme say if anyone takes offense to this blog FUCK U I DONT CARE COME SEE ME....

anyway i have to fucking blog about this shit....


Dont get me wrong i am not the greatest dj of all time... im still learning but i have come a long fucking way since i first started in october of 07.... anyway fuck the dumb shit im callin out names cuz i dont take subliminal shots

First Victim

DJ l-train this fucking piece of shit can be seen at pachinkos in covington and at holy grail in clifton... this dude is the king of mash ups.... this just makes anyone want to shake theird ass...


this dude is shitty as hell.... he has serato running on a laptop but doesnt use it.... he has a old as trapper keeper full of cd's already pre mixed and have the bpm's pasted on posted notes.... how fucking wack is that... u might as well turn on a fucking auto mix in itunes u fucking bum... dont get me wrong holy grail be thick as fuck... but if u ever mix britney spears "oops i did it again" with "cotton eyed joe"im gonna see too it that i end ur djing career by walking a picket line in front of the places u dj...... its bad enough u were an understudy to Mark mcFaggot.... but u cant even mix original songs... why dont u take ur fucking cd book and ur over excessive loops over to fucking montana somewhere.... where no one gives a fuck about what u play... ur gonna be stuck in covington til u have a wheelchair sticker on ur escalade

o but there is more

Dj Hi-def

this muthafucka is far from hi def... ur more life the analog vision that the country is getting rid of in feb of 09.... not only do u use l-trains equipment and cd's...., but ur excessive playing of gucci and ur singing over the mic lets me know ur a queer...... thanks for taking my sloppy seconds in the bearcat bounce u loser.... o and u did a birthday party at fuse for 25 bucks?? bum ass nigga... its a fucking recession... why dont u drop the dj from ur name and call urself "pre mix analog" cuz u wack as fuck and it needs to be known

last but not least

DJ 513

how dare u fucking discrace the city of cincinnati like that u loser when u fucking dj at jefferson hall which is in newport.... u cant mix a song to save ur mothers life and u think ur the shit... sorry dude girl talk doesnt work for u cuz we know u wack as hell..... the funny thing is ur also the bar manager..., ok start fucking managing and hire a real dj u tight ass....waste of my fingers typing this bullshit.... o and im sure u spent thousands replacing the speakers u constantly blow cuz u cant even hear ur own music through the train wrecks u produce

ok im done... once again im not that great of a dj... im good... and i am respected... i dont act like im the man... but im sure as hell not shitty... i can fucking mix... i cant slightly scratch and i can keep a dancefloor fucking moving... and i dont sing on the mic.... i respect mass dj's in cincy

mike b
toad j-cru
club pro

the rest of u fucking guys can crawl in a hole and fucking have 13 coffins full of 1200's fall on ur head i dont give a fuck

big c


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


First of all i would like to fucking say that i am absolutely obsessed with BIG AMAZING ASSES
like if i meet a girl and she is smacked and she has a nice round firm tasty ass
just like marcellous say in pulp fiction "im on the muthafucka" i mean come on its just what im into... i have become far more addicted in 09... dont get me wrong it's not the only thing i like ina girl but it def the kicker....

ok... enough of the late night jizz talk

BIG PIMPIN WEEKEND.... friday in hyde park
and SUNDAY at lodge bar and black finn after the lil wayne concert
make sure u come out... its gonna be thick

on the music tip..... nothing new has come out... but pharell and lil wayne have a tight ass song and there is this song called "loose wires" by Kenna ft The cool kids..... this is my new shit.... also....check out "how its supposed to be" by Ryan Leslie.... my shit right now... dude is a fucking genius....

sorry u havent updated for a while just started back at nku and i got one word for the campus


anyway im out

big c


Thursday, January 1, 2009


first off all i wanna wish people a happy new year i brought my new year in with complete and utter disregard for my liver... lol... i drank more alcohol then ever and i was extremely intoxicated but fuck it...

so now thats it's 2009 whats some of u guys resolution..... mine is to just kick it and keep it real... i jut wanna be drama free this year and do the right things... i also wanna become a better dj... we will see... anyway

i realised this week i fucking love beef.... i mean steak is the most amazing thing in the world to me... i love it to death i can eat it everyday.....

also shouts out to the UC bearcats for going to the orange bowl... what a good look

on another sports note my oregon ducks won the other night... that offense is amazing... i love the ducks and their uniforms

on a music note.. im excited for the grammys coming up.... i really think they got it right this time with the nominations and such... i think ne-yo and kanye west will win a lot of awards... and so will rhianna but i don't really like her..

anyway much love peeps....

o and go get some steak